What I'm doing now 🌞

  • Working for RetailMeNot as a UI Engineer (working with websites)
  • Writing music inspired by emoji and sharing drafts
  • Organizing and uploading drafts and other recordings associated with my albums to bandcamp
  • Archiving old recordings on S3
  • Memorizing a verse each week and writing about what I learn
  • Thinking about what I've learned and experienced of humility and writing it down
  • Offering to answer questions about things I have experience with (composing, recording, web development)
  • Taking long walks in parks in and around Austin
  • Inviting artists to have a conversation about what we are working on
  • Reading Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry
  • Drawing maps
  • Listening to a series of sermons by Tim Keller about wisdom

Last update was August 2016