2015 Goals

  1. Floss
  2. Write publicly about people and things I love
  3. Learn about prayer through reading and experience
  4. 50 Dylan covers (and some Neil Young)
  5. Finish an album's worth of original songs (Internet)
  6. Excel at MakerSquare
  7. Get a job as a developer
  8. Write one letter per week
  9. Experiment with piano looping (like Julianna Barwick)
  10. Take at least one walk per day, and take long walks and pray
  11. Write about observations of Jesus, imitate
  12. Make bbox
  13. Attempt things I could not do without Christ
  14. Seek God with my whole heart
  15. Offer to help, connect people you know
  16. Each morning tell one person what I appreciate about them
  17. Less Netflix, more reading
  18. Run a 5k
  19. Memorize scripture
  20. Check email less (more specific?)
  21. Share best ideas freely (like Sivers)
  22. Ask grandparents about stories and document them