2016 goals

  1. Write one letter-type email to a friend each week. Include things I appreciate about them, share my heart with them, and ask for advice.
  2. Learn how to ask better questions (book? observation?).
  3. Share what I'm learning in small pieces (as small as a few sentences). Share the best ideas (like Sivers). Use helpfulness, not fear, as your filter.
  4. Consider the person of Jesus and write down observations. Imitate.
  5. Write once per week about some person or thing that I love.
  6. Memorize one verse each week. Write down reflections after memorizing.
  7. Take extended walks on the weekends.
  8. Invite people to eat lunch 
  9. Wake before 6am most mornings. Write in the mornings before work. Afternoon naps OK.
  10. Take trips to visit friends.
  11. Ask for humility every day.
  12. Buy gifts for people for no special occasion.
  13. Invite one artist each week to have a conversation about what we are working on.
  14. Ask wise people for their recommended reading (and any advice).
  15. Pick a music album to create and finish by sharing each track as it progresses.
  16. Run a 5k