8 or 9 lies the enemy says

The enemy lies to you to confuse and discourage you. He wants your destruction. But God wants you to be happy. He made you for his own pleasure, and also so that you would be happy. Though these lies are effective, there are not so many of them that they can't be listed.

  1. You will never be good enough.
  2. You made too many mistakes.
  3. You sinned in a way that cannot be forgiven.
  4. God doesn't like or love you.
  5. ...


We would do well to be prepared with the truth, so we can defend ourselves against these lies.

  1. Christ is good enough, and he offers his perfect record to you as a gift.
  2. God has forgiven all of your mistakes in Christ.
  3. God has forgiven your worst sin in Christ.
  4. God likes you. God loves you with a deep, strong, and perfect love.
  5. ...