An evening feast

I wanted to write down this description, because I think it expresses something of what the kingdom of heaven is like. 

Life is not unlike a winding country road at dusk. There is beauty, but it is shrouded. You fear to be known, because to be known may mean to be unloved. Yet to be alone on a dark road is not where you belong.

As you walk, you see a home. Light floods from the windows, and you can see people inside, talking, laughing, preparing food.

The kingdom of heaven is like that home. The good message of Jesus is that the kingdom of heaven is near and accessible to anyone. You do not have to be rich, healthy, accomplished, spiritually mature, wise, free of trouble.

As you walk the dark path of your life, that home is nearby. You can walk up to the door and knock, and the door will be opened and you will be invited in by someone who is glad to see you. The host of the party will be glad to see you.

You can join in the festivities. Perhaps you will be asked to help prepare some of the food. Perhaps you will be handed a drink or have the dining instructions given to you. Perhaps there is a game of cards being played before dinner, and they need one more player. 

Eventually the meal will begin, and you will share food and conversation with those who love you. Here you are known and loved. Here you can rest. Here you are wanted and valued for who you are.

Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the lamb!

Revelation 19:9