Come thou font prayer

This is a prayer based on the lyrics of the hymn Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

Father, every good thing comes from you. You are the fountain of all blessings. Good things flow from you like water from a spring.

My heart is like an instrument. Will you teach me how to sing songs of your grace? My heart longs to sing of your grace, but I do not know the song.

Your mercy flows from heaven like water. The way water flows shows us something of how your mercy flows. Your mercy has no end. It is new every morning. How can we rightly praise something without end? Your mercy deserves the loudest and most fervent praise.

We need new songs for new mercies. Teach me a new song. Teach me a song that the angels sing in heaven. They know how to sing it, but I do not. 

Your love is like a mountain, a glorious mountain that I cannot stop thinking about. Your love has the power to change us. Your love makes us new! Oh everyone needs to travel to this mountain and be made new. 

I stop now and make something that will remind me of you. Why do I forget? Remind me that you were the one who brought me here. By your help I came here. By your help I come to you again. By your help I will continue to follow after you. 

My hope is in your power. My hope is that the same power that drew me out of sin and into communion with you will sustain me. My hope is that that same power will wash me clean of my sins again and again, and finally set me free. My hope is that your power will bring me home. Oh how I long to go home! 

Jesus, when I was a stranger, you came looking for me, and you found me. You knew where I was. I was far away from home. I was wandering around in the wilderness, alone in a dangerous place. I was outside the place of safety and rest.

Jesus, you rescued me from that danger. You left the place of safety to come looking for me. You traveled through the wilderness looking for me. And you found me! You sacrificed your safety for mine. You bled your own blood for my mistakes. Your blood is precious because it is yours. Your blood is precious because it saved me.

Every day I remain a debtor to your grace. Your grace is sufficient for all of my sins. Every day I add more sins, and every day your grace continues to be sufficient. My debt to you is the kind that can never be paid back. I want to pay it back, but it's impossible.

Teach me to be thankful for your grace. Teach me to praise you for your grace. I need to get used to living in your grace. I need to get used to needing your grace every day. I need to get used to accepting it as a gift every day. Put my heart at rest, so that I can stop trying to pay you back. Teach me that it's OK to delight in your grace and leave it at that.

I keep wandering. My heart is prone to leave you, but I don't want to. Teach me of your goodness. Remind of your goodness. Bind me to yourself by your goodness. May I understand it, and may it bind me to you. I know my heart will find it's happiness only in you. My soul finds rest in you alone. 

Take my heart now. Keep it safe! I know I want you to have it. I know it belongs to you. I know you are the only one who can keep it safe. My heart is deceitful, and it tricks me. Right now I'm in my right mind and I know what I want, and what I want is for you to have my heart. I want you to have my whole heart. Seal it for you, Lord. I belong with you.