Dating questions

Why should we date?

  • Marriage is a good and worthwhile thing to pursue
  • To find a companion to live life with as you seek to follow, obey, and enjoy Jesus.
  • Learn to serve and build up another person in a sacrificial and committed way
  • If you think it will help you do the kingdom work God has given you to do (and vice versa with the person you are dating)
  • To glorify God and honor him
  • To love another well
  • To seek clarity for marriage

Who should we date?

  • Woman of God who is pursuing X with her whole heart. 
  • Woman who you see is growing in X and you are excited about the person they are becoming in X
  • Woman you are attracted to spiritually, on a character level, and physically
  • A fellow kingdom worker who you can help, serve, and encourage

How should we date?

  • In a committed way.
  • Beyond feelings and convenience.
  • With passion
  • Submitted to God, trusting him for the outcome
  • In the context of two independently thriving personal relationships with Christ