Depth and abundance in Emoji ๐ŸŒผ

An emoji is worth a thousand pictures.


Emoji can seem small. When I first came up with the idea to write music dedicated to specific emoji, it was a lighthearted and fun idea. It still is, but I have also been surprised by the depth that I have found there.

I was not expecting it to be difficult to write music inspired by emojis, because I have a healthy amount of momentum writing music, and it is rare that I find myself unable to write something that I'm thankful for.

I was surprised, however, at the depth of the feeling that came from such a small image. An emoji is a jumping off point from which you can goโ€“โ€“well, where can't you go?

It can be a symbol of a deep feeling you are currently experiencing. It can be a memento of a past experience, something that made you who you are today. It can be a beacon of hope for a better future, something you remind yourself of in dark times. 

This depth somehow coexists with the lightheartedness that is the face of emoji, and that coexistence itself is another blossom of abundance. 

Early on in this project, I had to come to grips with the reality that I could not write a definitive musical expression of any emoji. It's impossible. There's too much abundance there for me to distill it into a composition. I can't even express all that it means to me, how could I express what it means to everyone! 

I understand that my musical expression of any given emoji is tempered by my own experience, by the thread of meaning and emotion that my own heart follows. Still, I think that is worth creating and sharing.