Don't let money block a project

It's common to use money as an excuse for not starting a project. This is usually unproductive and unnecessary.

It's better to start without the money and accomplish what you can. There is almost always a simpler version of your project that you can start on immediately.

One of the examples he uses is a music recommendation service. You may not have millions of dollars to make the software, but you can recommend music to your friends. You can get experience recommending and start to figure out how to make a good recommendation.

When you start, you engage with with the real problem, and immediately you are gaining experience and learning more. Furthermore, doing smaller and middle sized projects is the preparation you need to successfully do a larger project. 

So think about what you can do with what you have. Don't let giant dreams keep you from starting, and don't become become bitter because people don't want to give you money. Do the best with what you have, and work up gradually.

Don't be ashamed to do something small. Don't be so proud that you dismiss a less grand project as not worth doing at all.