Emoji album idea 🐸

The depth of mystery and meaning in emojis is unfathomable. This album would seek to uncover and express some of that meaning by creating tracks inspired by individual emojis.

Some potential emojis:

  • letter/envelope
  • stack of books
  • pizza
  • sunset over mountains
  • grimacing face
  • skis
  • coffee cup
  • donut (JLM pink?!)
  • face with heart eyes
  • pine tree
  • rose
  • sunflower (Grace?)
  • cactus
  • red maple leaf
  • brown leaves
  • frog
  • snowflake
  • starry night sky 
  • sunset over ocean
  • crescent moon
  • umbrella with rain drops
  • huge ocean wave
  • glass of wine
  • red broken heart
  • house
  • bridge shrouded in fog
  • pink umbrella
  • floppy disk
  • hourglass half full
  • tent
  • magnifying glass left
  • magnifying glass right

Pick 10 or so from that list. The album cover could either be the piano emoji, the frog emoji, or a set of all the emojis. It would be great if Julia could make emojis in her style for each of the tracks. She should at least get paid for the album cover, and ideally per emoji. Perhaps once I have a few tracks and a better idea for the album, I could do a little Kickstarter (simple!). The main two things in the budget would be paying Julia and ordering physical CDs (digital should be free). 

The music itself should use the looper in some way. Either embrace the 2 track limit and explore what you can do within that, or just have the TASCAM recording the entire time and line up loops with claps (like YouTube). 

The music could be all loops with fades in and out, or a mixture of dynamic unrhythmic piano with textures made from layered looping. The tracks don't need to be long, but they could be. I like the idea of them being ethereal. I also like the idea of them being lofi, because emojis are lofi.

"Var" by Sigur Ros would be a good track to study.