Envelope Structure


open with pads made from piano echoes, some reverb. one high and one low (independent) and maybe one mid, but that should be quieter to leave space for main piano. 1 pad for each chord. Cm/Fm.

soft rain just above mic hiss, you could hear if you're listening carefully


performance track comes in, center and loudest, piano and vox.

a few verses, as arrhythmic as nec., with pads lined up to match chords, rain still in bg, and other section between verses. 3 maybe 4 verses (short).

pads enrich and embellish, not draw attention (made from echoes). low/no attack (smooth). use shadows of night as study of how to use smooth pad in a track.


performances goes to end loop, slows to final chord/note. rain a little louder. pads a little louder too?

optional: texture for end Cm/Fm combined, perhaps echoes + layered loop (backward, stretched, modified in some way). more attack ok. keep light and thin. plenty of other stuff going on and don't want to overwhelm.

counter argument: do I want to have anything in the track that sounds unnatural? would it subtract from the overall environment? perhaps err on the side of keeping it quieter, like a rich texture that you can hear when the main piano is quieter and you are listening closely. that way it can enrich without distracting.