Everyone has a story

I'm trying to spend more time asking questions to people older and wiser than I am. I'm also trying to listen well to what they say and consider it. 

I asked my friend Neil what he saw as less important as he grew older, and vice versa. He told me that he was less and less inclined to pass judgement on someone or decide what kind of person they are, because he has been wrong so many times.

Instead, he said he is more and more inclined to remind himself that everyone has a story. Everyone has decisions that they have made that they live with, and things that happened to them that they also live with. 

I really like this idea of getting to know someone else's story, and I think that focusing on that can open up many good questions to ask them, and it also puts you in a more compassionate state of mind. 

It's not a bad thing to think about for yourself, either. What is your story?