Goals + specific actions that work toward them

This will need to be organized more. It doesn't include life or yearly goals, just what came to mind when thinking about how to break a goal down into specific actions, specifically how to allocate three main resources: money, time, and focus.

You could say that time and focus are kind of one thing, but focus is worth the distinction because you can spend time on something without getting anything done. Time keeps going, whether or not you are focusing. 

Perhaps I can work toward doing something similar for each life and yearly goal. Maybe I should rework the tag so the goals tag is for individual goals that include specifics, and add a goal-lists tag to replace the current one.

One of the things I was struck by was that time and focus is nearly always the more limited resource. Perhaps focus can be thought of as being able to use time more efficiently, and that is very powerful if you consider that time is always the more limited resource. It also makes me think I should be more willing to spend money, because that is the knob that I can control more. 

know Christ

  • time to read the word
  • money and time for books
  • money to get somewhere alone to pray
  • focus for prayer
  • focus for obedience
  • time around other Christians
  • money to get to place conducive to seeking Christ
  • time and money to travel to see people who draw me to Christ
  • time to memorize scripture
  • money to help memorizing? 
  • time to spend with poor and oppressed (those he spent time with)

be generous

  • discipline and restraint for my own purchases
  • money for gifts
  • time to get to know people and what would benefit them
  • time for thinking about gifts
  • focus for getting to know how to give to each person
  • money for documenting what people to be given / ideas (notebook?)
  • money to be generous to myself as well

find wisdom

  • time for prayer to ask for wisdom
  • time to listen to stories
  • time and focus with those wiser than me
  • time and focus to ask for humility
  • money for books and podcasts
  • time and money for meals / coffee with those wiser than me
  • money for website to document wisdom
  • time to write about what I'm learning

grow in humility

  • willing to fail, to not look good (is this focus?)
  • time and focus to ask for humility in prayer
  • time to think about what God has said about and to me
  • time to listen
  • be honest about failures and flaws
  • time to think on who God is

care for the poor

  • time to pray for them
  • money to buy things for them
  • time to ask for compassion for them
  • time to get to know context (maybe money too - books?)
  • time to get to know their story

be thankful

  • time and focus to ask what others are thankful for
  • time to think about what I have been given by God
  • focus to practice being thankful
  • time to write about what I am thankful for

be in awe of God

  • money for planet earth netflix and book
  • money for space book
  • time to spend outside
  • time and money to travel to places conducive to awe
  • time and focus to find awe where I am

be pure

  • time to pray and ask for purity and protection
  • money for software
  • time and focus call others and ask for help
  • time to set up barriers
  • time to do things in a safer, less efficient, inconvenient way
  • money to accomplish tasks in a safer way
  • time and money to escape

keep sabbath

  • money for gas and car to get away 
  • time for prayer
  • money for food
  • money for parks and natural areas
  • time for walking
  • money for passions that bring rest and refreshment
  • time and focus (and money?) for planning ahead 

encourage artists

  • money to buy their art
  • time to get to know their story
  • time and focus to collaborate
  • time and focus to pray for them
  • time and focus to encourage them
  • time and focus to connect them to each other
  • time to teach them what I've learned (write it down)