How I use Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube

I remember agonizing over which platform to use for my music, but over time they have come to settle in to a role that I'm happy with.

I use Bandcamp for most of my original music. All my finished albums are there. I've started putting my works in progress there as well. At first I got really excited about having an album for each track, so I could collect different versions of a track together. That seems a little much to me now. Now I like the idea of having an album for drafts that will have all the drafts of tracks that belong to a particular album. 

I'm not really sure what to do about tracks that are not with an album yet. Perhaps I can just batch upload by time, and then sort them out into albums as I figure out where they belong. That sounds fine. 

I use SoundCloud mainly for drafts recorded with my phone, because I can upload them straight from my phone (can't do that with Bandcamp). These drafts are mostly originals, but I have a few covers of songs I'm learning how to play.

I'm on the free plan, so I have a limited amount of minutes to upload. I just delete the old stuff to make room for the new. I like the idea of keeping it fresh, plus I have Bandcamp for more permanent stuff. If I want to keep something, I can download it and upload that to Bandcamp, or I can re-record with the TASCAM.

I use YouTube mostly for covers. I can make really quick tutorial videos with my phone and upload straight to YouTube, but doing a normal video takes longer because I have to sync up and crop the video, although my computer exporting the video is really the longest part I think.

I'd like to do more originals on YouTube when I finish a few songs. It's easier to do audio only, but it's nice to have a video. I like the idea of having the album version of a song also captured on video. I also like the idea of having a totally separate performance on YouTube. I like having different material on each of these platforms.