Another answered prayer at Walnut Creek

Today I went to Walnut Creek and visited a place where I was hoping to find Indian blankets or paintbrush. I thought it might be too late for the paintbrush, but the blankets are in full bloom now.

When I came to the place, I didn’t see any. There were some bluebonnets still, and many more bluebonnets that were no longer blooming.

Then I went a little further to two separate places where I tried to take a little nap but both times was woken up by a fire ant crawling on me (no bites thankfully).

When I was returning, I considered going back a different way, and then I thought I would check again, and also request that God would show me a paintbrush even if he had to grow it instantly. God does whatever he wants!

I began to run with expectation. I looked around and didn’t see anything, then went a little further and looked again, but still nothing. Then I saw a single paintbrush!

God is faithful! Sometimes he gives us things just because we ask. I’m thankful for that paintbrush, and I want to document that here.