Life Goals

Draft 9

May God enable me to keep these:

  1. Start with prayer, end with prayer
  2. Be who I seem, seem as I am
  3. Ask for guidance often and consider it well
  4. Be a listener of the finest sort
  5. Sacrifice comfort to face important things
  6. Discard any thing that balloons my pride
  7. Savor any thing that leads to my humility 
  8. Always hunger for wisdom
  9. Admit and repent of my faults, and ask for forgiveness
  10. Do things because I believe them worth doing, not expecting anyone to give me prizes and rewards
  11. Serve God and live in freedom
  12. Overflow with joy and vigor
  13. Be full of cheer even in times of trouble
  14. Grapple with the truth, never deceive, and give hope to cynics
  15. Speak and be silent out of love, not fear
  16. Say "Yes!" to what I love and "No." to what I must
  17. Remove things I neither need nor use, and cherish the things I keep
  18. Do a few things well, and stop petty or destructive habits
  19. Plan but then act swiftly
  20. Work in drafts
  21. Take walks
  22. Spend time in libraries
  23. Delight in the grace of God to me and to others
  24. Always to be growing in thankfulness 
  25. Set aside one day each week for rest
  26. Practice discipline in small things, and so in large
  27. Be kind, even if it means not being nice
  28. Love and fear God more than any other thing
  29. Tell people what I appreciate about them
  30. Do nothing out of revenge, but attack my enemies with love
  31. Care for the poor
  32. Write in the mornings
  33. Accept the music God gives me with joy and thanksgiving
  34. Use technology to complement humanity
  35. Steep my soul in the Word that it may saturate my blood
  36. Be the first to forgive
  37. Remember that love is lord of all