Purpose driven life week 1

Day 1

  • Your life is not about you. The purpose of your life needs to be beyond you.
  • You exist because God wants you to. You were made by him and for him.
  • Being successful and fulfilling your life's purpose are not the same thing.
  • God was thinking of you long before you thought of him. He planned you before you existed, without your input.
  • Proverbs 11:28 a life devoted to God is a flourishing life
  • Jeremiah 17:7-8 those who trust in the Lord are like trees by a river

Day 2

  • You are alive because God wanted to create you. The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me Psalm 138:8
  • God decided when you would be born and how long you would live.
  • You were in the care of God even before you were born Isaiah 44:2

Day 3

  • Guilt driven people are running from regrets and hiding shame. You need to confess your shame and be free of it. Memories manipulate them.
  • Psalm 32:1 when you confess sin and have it forgiven by God you find relief and peace
  • You must release anger, pain, and resentment through forgiveness
  • When your life has meaning, you can bear hardship. When it doesn't, you are miserable even if things are going well
  • Your purpose gives you a foundation to base decisions on how to allocate time, money, etc.
  • Write - things to cut out of your life to make time for things that matter most
  • Every Christian is a servant of God. You should think about what your master wants and do that. Work to please him. Ephesians 5:17
  • Focus your life. Don't do it all. Do less. Prune away even good things and do only what matters most. 
  • What matters most about your life is what God says about it. 
  • Remember you will give an account of your life to God. Romans 14:10
  • Thing that matters most is accepting what Jesus did for you and learning to love and trust him.
  • Write - what we have. time, money, gifts, talents, opportunities, energy, focus. the value of discipline to use time more wisely and in line with the purpose we want, not just circumstances or comfort.

Day 4

  • When you live for God, things that used to seem important will be seen for what they are. You value relationships and character more, and fame, wealth, achievements, fun less.
  • think about heaven more. Do you really even believe in heaven? Do you expect it? 
  • stop doing things that bring only me satisfaction.
  • Be bold in talking about Christ
  • Remember there will be time to write music in heaven.

Day 5

  • good way to understand other people is to ask them How do you see your life? Ask this question more and just listen.
  • Life is a test. Every day is an opportunity to deepen your character, demonstrate love, depend on God.
  • Life is a trust. God has given you things. What will you do with them? Do you believe God owns everything, including all of your things. Do you know what God's purposes are? How are you using the things he gave you towards those purposes?

Day 6

  • Life is short compared with eternity. It's temporary. You are an alien, a sojourner here. Do you believe that?
  • Are you living as if this place is not your final home? 
  • What are you doing that will have no reward on earth, but that will have a reward in heaven?

Day 7

  • Work towards the glory of God. Recognize, honor, declare, praise, reflect, and live for his glory.
  • The heart of pride is rebellion, heart of humility is submission and accepting your place in creation (not king). 
  • Worship God by enjoying him, loving, giving yourself for his purposes.
  • God has given you gifts. Do you know what yours are? Do you know how to use them to help others? Are you doing it? Are you getting better at it? 
  • God will give you the strength to live for him if you ask.