Reflections on Isaiah 66:13

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.

The more I consider this simple verse, the more amazing it seems. How incredible that God would describe himself with this kind of tenderness. 

And though we don't want to think of ourselves with the kind of helplessness of a child, who hasn't felt that way? It's humbling to admit it, but I think we all have. I know I have. 

There are times when our strength unravels, our sadness seems unbearable, our future so uncertain, when we do not have enough energy to pretend things are fine.

In these times, and perhaps more often than when we are forced by circumstances to that place of desperation, we need the tender comfort of a mother. 

There are some times when logic and reason, as useful and beautiful as they are, are powerless to help us. I love that God knows this, and is not unwilling to love us in this simple way, being patient with us.

Something I think is interesting to think about: because God is the base of reality, his tender love is not analogous to love of a mother for her child. It's truer to say it the other way around. The love of a mother for her child gives us a glimpse of the deeper and original reality, which is the love that God has for his children.