Reflections on Lamentations 3:24

I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; Therefore I will wait for him."

This is an easy verse to skip over. Yet what depth is there beneath that seemingly simple sentence!

Some of the deepest emotions we ever feel circle around this simple idea of a portion: anxiety that we will not get what we need, fear of losing what we have, grief at losing what we had. 

This speaks hope and comfort into all of those situations. We will get the Lord, whom we need most of all. We will not lose the Lord, who is the most precious thing we have. And we will never know the grief of separation from the Lord, as we belong to him in Christ. 

See the awareness of our forgetfulness? We need to remind ourselves. We need to speak the truth to ourself. We need to hear it from others and from God. 

And it tells us what to do, though we may not like it: wait.

We may be anxious about the future, but if we wait patiently, we will see that God is faithful. We may be fearful now, but if we wait patiently, we will see that our fears were unfounded. We may be grieving for the past, but if we wait patiently, we will see that God has good things in store for us, that he will heal every wound and wipe every tear away.