Reflections on memorizing scripture

At the beginning of this year I decided to memorize 1 verse each week. I have learned a few things.

First, I have experienced for myself that there is a depth to scripture that is available if only I would swim down into it. This is exciting and also overwhelming! I'm confident I could spend my whole life diving into the meaning of the scriptures and never come close to the bottom. 

Memorizing has made scripture more relevant. Because it is in the top of my mind that week, I will make a connection to something that is in my life. I love this, because I am not looking merely for more information. I want to know the living God and be changed by him.

It has also reminded me that the heart of scripture is words spoken by God. The chapter headings don't matter. The verse numbers don't matter. What matters is sentences spoken by God. God is saying things about himself, about me, about the world. Thinking about what he says, trusting what he says, rejoicing in what he says, this is what renews your mind.