Reflections on the Sabbath

I've been thinking and talking about the sabbath. It's interesting because it is such a wonderful invitation to rest, but one that so few of us actually accept. This is more a list of notes than a coherent article.

The sabbath should really be the best day of the week. You can do the things you wanted to do the other days but didn't have time, things you know draw you closer to Christ and refresh you.

Set aside time for reflection, slower things like long meals, long walks, long conversations. This is the time where you don't have to say "Well, I need to get back to X," but instead you can actually enjoy it. You have time on the sabbath for slower things.

Do what refreshes you. Time in God's word and prayer, you know refreshes you, but it is hard to set time aside for those. On the sabbath, you have the whole day set aside, so you have time. Also do the things that refresh you specifically.

That would be a good exercise: make a list of the things that refresh you. For me, I know writing music, playing music, taking long walks, having long meals, going to museums, concerts, plays. 

You will have to work harder on the other 6 days and plan in order to be able to rest. This is probably the reason we don't do it more often. We don't plan it. We don't want to do the extra work. We let work creep in on both sides, starting the sabbath late and finishing it early. 

The sabbath is an act of trust to rest and not work. Give your anxiety to God. That's part of the purpose, to remind you to trust God. Can you take a day to rest without being assailed by thoughts of being unproductive? Be productive on the 6 days. That's important. But the rest of the sabbath is important in a different way. 

How to establish a consistent rhythm? Why do we not do this?

What refreshes me? Long walks and prayer, playing piano, coffee with friends, state parks, waking up early, naps, writing in the morning, long meals, Jamail house. 

Pick which day before and plan around it. Make the sabbath the thing that will not change, and change other things around it. Don't let the sabbath be the variable, the thing that you skip if you don't have time.