Rooms album idea

Lately I've really enjoyed playing really slow piano music. I'll take a loop of a piece that I wrote and play it very slowly. The ending I wrote for temptation's door is a good example of that. 

This album would experiment with tracks like that. The reason it's called "Rooms" is that one of the first pieces I did this with was the one I wrote thinking of a specific time in McLean's room when all his stuff was moved out the night before he got married.

It also made me think of the passage where Jesus says there are many rooms in his Father's house and he is going to prepare a place there. 

There are also pieces that I've written that have come out of love, some of which may sound good slow. Grace is another one that will sound good. It's in that same vein. And I think there is another one like that that I modeled after Grace, I think written in Dallas. Perhaps a phone recording? 

I'm sure as I look back through recordings I could find a set of 10-15 tracks that would work well in this format. I'll make a bandcamp album and start collecting the drafts there.  Maybe Walden? Or maybe there is a Boston album that could be totally separate. 

As far as instrumentation, I think the base should be a human performance all the way through. It's important to leave lots of space and let the echoes fade. Such a beautiful sound! With that as the underlying structure, perhaps it would sound good to add another layer or two?

One layer could be piano echoes. Would those be chords or single notes? Not sure. Perhaps look at Alaska album to see what you liked and didn't, what worked and what didn't. It's also possible to add more human piano on top, probably higher notes. Those could be either normal or slow. Play around with it.

Not more than 3 layers I would think. See what you can do within that limit. Perhaps another option for a layer would be voice though, maybe natural, maybe processed to be a texture. Maybe Charis would be interested in this? 

Another last thing is that each track is an environment type track. It's more about where you feel when you listen, as opposed to the melody or rhythm, or a journey. It's about place. Rooms is a great title for that. Doesn't have to be an actual room though. Could even be an outside place. In that scenario perhaps field recordings would make sense as a layer as well. I like the idea of having them lower volume than I have in the past, almost like background noise. Just enough to cover the hiss of the mic. 

Other potential titles for the album come from the idea of a place of shelter, like a synonym for harbor, as in a safe place. Ian suggested cleft, and other words are sanctuary, asylum, thicket. I keep thinking there's a word that's the opposite of thicket, as in a place where there are no trees in the middle of a forest. Clearing? Glen?