Sermon on the mount outline more detail

beginning, blessed, identity, fulfillment, murder, adultery, divorce, oaths, eye for eye, love for enemies, giving to needy, prayer, fasting, treasure, do not worry, judgement, ask seek knock, gates, trees and fruit, wise and foolish builders, end.

BEGINNING: mountainside, teach

BLESSED: poor, mourn, meek, hungry, merciful, pure, peacemakers, persecuted, prophets

IDENTITY: salt, light, good deeds

FULFILLMENT: abolish, disappear, least, great, pharisees

MURDER: judgement, court, hell, gift, enemy

ADULTERY: heart, eye, hand

DIVORCE: certificate, adulteress

OATHS: don't swear, heaven, earth, jerusalem, hair

EYE FOR EYE: don't resist, cheek, cloak, mile, borrow

LOVE FOR ENEMIES: sons, sun, rain, love, greet, perfect

GIVING TO NEEDY: public, honor of men, secret, reward

PRAYER: public, honor of men, secret, reward, don't babble, father knows, example, kingdom, bread, forgiveness, deliverance, forgiveness

FASTING: public, honor of men, secret, reward

TREASURE: moth, rust, thieves, heart, lamp, darkness, two masters

DO NOT WORRY: life, body, birds, lilies, pagans, father, kingdom, tomorrow

JUDGEMENT: don't, reflexive, speck and log, sacred

ASK SEEK KNOCK: answered, stone, snake, father, golden rule

GATES: wide, narrow

TREES AND FRUIT: false prophets, fruit, actions, obedience, known

WISE AND FOOLISH BUILDERS: obey, two houses, rock, sand, storm

END: amazement, authority