Statistics Quotes

What does "normal" mean--I don't know.

It's the minute of truth.

It's not far the day when we will not learn children to write with hands.

As any respectable cosine, r is between 1 and -1.

It's hammering that you become a hammersmith. It's computing that you become a good computer.

You are authorized a little bit to use your common sense.

I understand that you have the temptation for B, but when you read C, it's obviously C.

Chapter 8 is about...something.

...freshmen and freshwomen...

You will get the answers of those who have time.

Shake very seriously the hat... [on how to attempt random selection with papers in a hat]

The fate will organize the life in such direction.

The wind is unpredictable.

When you have two dice, it's better to have two dice of different colors.

It sounds easy, but it is NOT.

Since we are here, let me just say a few words about...chapter 12. 

Computers are expected to give us time. In fact, we are wasting some.

When I ask question, I would like to see a smile of understanding on your faces.

Be careful, there is something here that is slightly involved.

I will not change the settings. I will not make the revolution about something I am not sure is true.

The one who pays makes the decision. more or less, rather more than less...

Any reasonable person would not bet a bloody penny on this horse...

My ears are not as good as when I was 25.

This was just a parentheses. Let me disregard this parentheses.

We must have rules that are clear.

Does it even make sense? I'm not so sure.

It's not so different. It IS different, but not so much...

You cannot win on all sides. [chuckle]

If you have question, ask now, because later we will just...forget all of those things.

This I guess you cannot remember because you have never known it.

Too strong never misses.

The real value exists, but it is not really reachable with your tools.

I know that bees communicate. They say "O, come over here, there are flowers wonderful.."

It's true, bees are able to give clues to each other.

We keep saying the same thing with different wording.

I just show it [a formula] to scare you, then I hide it.

It's very understandable. It's something that does not choke the mind.

Here there is another fairy tale...