Things that draw me to Christ

see also things that push me away from Christ

  • memorizing scripture
  • long walks and prayer in nature
  • reading books written by people who love Christ
  • worship at church and alone
  • confessing sin, being honest
  • praying on the phone with my brothers
  • reflecting on what Christ has done for me, who he is, what he is teaching me
  • being generous to others out of the generosity I have received
  • thankfulness

Specific actions

Cultivate the above by spending time, money, and focus on these things:

  • continue memorizing, increase the amount
  • take long walks and pray
  • initiate coffees, meals, conversations
  • go to state parks and seek God in prayer
  • watch planet earth and feel awe for what God has made
  • worship at home, learn hyms, write hyms
  • go to church to worship with an humble and thankful attitude 
  • anything I could buy to promote memorization?
  • perhaps buy wildflower center pass and go spend time there
  • seek out ways to give, practice generosity, talk about it
  • accept gifts
  • spend time thinking about what I am thankful for, write about it
  • spend money and time reading books that will draw me to Christ