Things to write about soon

  1. Reflections on challenging and encouraging (1 Timothy 4:1-5)
  2. Guilt, shame, forgiveness, love (from mortification)
  3. What Diana Kimball taught me about connecting online
  4. What kinds of things did Paul pray for?
  5. Make room for drafts
  6. Duplex revisited story (driveway prayer)
  7. Spring break at the Grand Canyon story
  8. The adventures at Gables story
  9. Fog in Shenandoah Valley story
  10. Reflections on non-profit support raising
  11. Africa stories and reflections
  12. Tulsa wedding trip
  13. Ian capitol walk
  14. How to build up others in Christ
  15. Reflections on iron sharpening iron
  16. Reflections on John 3
  17. Reflections on 1 John
  18. List of proverbs about words
  19. Things I'm thankful for (many posts)
  20. Verses in Proverbs on words
  21. 2 types of content: collections (data)  and insights (patterns)
  22. Analyze how piano texture / overall sound is created in music I enjoy
  23. Things to practice that I am not good at yet
  24. Directives of scripture (by book?) ex. directives of Ephesians.
  25. Hierarchical map of goals with concrete actions that support
  26. list of things I do daily
  27. narrative of what is a normal day like (as a way to describe your life)
  28. Keller wisdom definitions - wisdom, fear of God, discipline, etc.
  29. purpose driven life what I'm learning
  30. Reflections on middle class bias. can't see the gospel like the lower class
  31. Keller wisdom shalom
  32. Keller wisdom "the righteous"
  33. List of things I want to spend time doing