Tracing behavior to identity

This was a helpful and enlightening exercise for me that traced the way I am living back to what that says about what I believe about myself and God. Then it traces it in reverse, looking at who the Bible says that God is and who I am, all the way back to how I should be living in light of that.

How am I living?

Anxious about the future, frustrated at work, timid and confused in romance, discontent and restless.

What does that say about who I am?

Not good enough, not on the the right trajectory, not enough, weak, purposeless.

What does that say about what God is doing?

Not looking out for me so I have to look out for myself, has no plan for me so I have to make one, wants me to impress him, not offering his help to me, nothing.

What does that say about who God is?

Not concerned with me, not sovereign, not involved in the world, cold, far away, not real, boring. 

Who is God really?

Adores me, sovereign, overflowing with love for me, full of beauty and power, warm and loving, realest thing, fascinating, draws near to the humble and broken-hearted, gracious, generous, blazingly creative.

Prov. 19 21, Prov. 16:9, Jer. 1:5

What is God really doing?

Come to rescue me, created everything, chose where and when and how I would live, drawn near to me, welcomed me with open arms, reconciling all things to himself, making all things new, everything.

Job 12:10, Acts 17:26

Who am I really?

Precious in his sight, right where I'm supposed to be, enough, weak (same!), full of God's purpose without even trying (because he chose it), small player in a large drama.

Job 11:18, James

How should I be living?

At peace about the future, content, overwhelmingly thankful, industrious, resilient, bold, full of joy, amazed by the goodness of God.