Why I chose the name Saint Benjamin

I have spent too many hours thinking about what name I should use for my music. If you have heard any of my earlier music, you will know that I used to go by "Ben Johnson Music Factory", a name which still makes me smile but is obviously too much of a mouthful.

I'm happy with the new name, Saint Benjamin. I've found that many people have questions about it, so I'd like to answer those here. Typically the questions are not about the "Benjamin" part. That is the name my parents gave to me, and though I go by Ben to most people, I do like my full name.

People are curious why I chose the word "saint," and the reason is that it is the most fundamental part of my identity. There is nothing closer to the heart of who I am than that I am a saint. When many people hear the word "saint," they think of a religious hero, a super-Christian, or someone who is extra holy. That is not what I mean when I use the word.

In my understanding of the Bible, a "saint" means a "Christian." It means someone whom God has saved, someone who has put their faith in Jesus Christ and found forgiveness for their sins, been reconciled to God, and been sent out into the world to reconcile others to God. 

Another element of meaning is the idea of being set aside for the purposes of God. Again, I think this is true of every Christian. Every Christian has passed from death to life, and the purpose of their new life is to bring glory to God, to invite others into the love, joy, and hope that they have found in Christ.

All this applies to my music. My music is not merely something I enjoy, though I do enjoy it. I pray and I expect that God will use my music to bring His peace, hope, and joy to other people. That is the purpose, and if it is not doing that, then it is a failure. Everything I write, I strive to write it with this in mind. As I am set apart for the purposes of God, so is my music. 

Thus, my music, like my life, is something that I believe is given to me by God, so that I may give it to others. I chose the name "Saint Benjamin" because I think a well named thing reflects what it is, and I want to live in my identity as a saint who is making music for the glory of God.

Ultimately, I don't think I chose this name for myself. I believe that I accepted the name that God has already given to me.